Hanggang Saan April 2 2018 Pinoy Teleserye

Hanggang Saan April 2 2018 Pinoy lambingan show full episode. ABS-CBN Hanggang Saan April 2 2018 cast April 2 2018 has proved itself the best Pinoy TV show of pinoy tv series. The ratings for this Pinoy teleserye will also be increased after the today episode of Hanggang Saan April 2 2018. Filipino Channel is getting more popular on Pinoy TV due to its most watched Pinoy TV shows like Hanggang Saan April 2 2018. The main reason behind its popularity is the launching of pinoy tv website that can be watched from all over the world. Here you can enjoy Hanggang Saan April 2 2018 in hd quality. So, what you thinking enjoy Hanggang Saan April 2 2018.


Hanggang Saan PART 1

Hanggang Saan PART 2

Hanggang Saan PART 3

Hanggang Saan PART 4

Hanggang Saan PART 5









  • Show Name: Hanggang Saan also known as Lost Hearts
  • literal translation: Misguided Heart or Stray Heart
  • Broadcasted by: ABS-CBN
  • Genre: Drama, Romantic Comedy, Fashion
  • Directed by: Garry Fernando, Elfren Vibar, Henry King Quitain, GB Sampedro, Jerry Lopez Sineneng, Jerome Chavez Pobocan
  • Main Cast or Starring: Beauty Gonzalez as Tessa Magbanua, Bianca King as Margarette, Sofia Andres as Vida Verdadero, Diego Loyzaga as Miraculo, Enzo Pineda as Rafael, Joem Bascon as Carlito, Raymond Bagatsing as Jaime Dela
  • Running Time: 30-45 minutes
  • Time slot: Monday – Friday 3:00 pm PST
  • First Episode Date: April 24, 2017
  • Original Language: Filipino
  • Producer: Ronald L. Faina


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